Letter to our  Fil-Am Family


July 2, 2020

 Dear Pastor Angelo and Fil-Am Family,

 Thank you for your interest in our mission, and for sharing about this with other pastors.

 Cecile and I (Bryan) I have been serving as missionaries for the last 16 years.  During this time we have been able to reach people from over 45 nations with the gospel.  The people we were able to reach have great potential to be future leaders in their respective countries.

 How are we able to reach these people from all over the world?

Although we are missionaries, we do not go to their countries to reach them—they come to us.  We send missionaries all over the world, as we should.  And we also have this wonderful opportunity to have an impact in these nations, by reaching these future leaders from right here in the USA.  Over a million international students from all over the world attend universities in the USA.

We reach these students as missionaries with Chi Alpha, which is a missions organization affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  Chi Alpha’s mission is to reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-Filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world.

 While serving in Chi Alpha we have been able to share the gospel with students from every continent except Antarctica.  These students are future (and current) leaders in government, media, journalism, business, science, education, and other areas.

 Reaching students from the USA

We also want to be a part of equipping those who have grown up in the USA to see the university they attend as a mission field—not simply a stepping stone to a career.  Cecile and I both attended a secular universities and, by God’s grace, our faith did not weaken--our faith got stronger because of being involved in Chi Alpha.  We believe every student cannot only survive at the university, but thrive.  They cannot only escape the influence of the world, but influence people in the world toward Jesus.  We want to equip these students to reach international students with the gospel.  Part of students’ witness for Jesus is being excellent academically—doing the best they can in their studies so they have many options open for whatever God wants them to do after college.

 Future Plans

We have been serving with Chi Alpha at the University of MO—St Louis for 16 years.  In the future we look forward to continue to reaching international students attending universities in the Richmond, VA area.

 Will you partner with us to reach the nations?

We are currently in the St Louis area, and cannot move to our new assignment until we have more churches and individuals partner with us.   We are inviting you to join our support team, so we can make maximum impact for His kingdom!  

 Right now, we need to raise $2500 in total additional monthly donations by the end of October of this year (2020).

 Getting to know each other

We believe an important part of our partnership is for us to meet, so you can get to know us, and we have the privilege of meeting you!  We would love to meet you over Zoom or Facebook messenger, so we can share specific miracles God has done, and our vision for the future.

 What you can do

We look forward to meeting with you!

When is the best time we can meet?

We would like to get back on the mission field before October.  Would you please contact us soon?

Please contact us:

  • By e-mail: ames.chialpha@gmail.com
  • By phone: 314-485-9125, call or text (in your text please include “Re: Ames E-mail”)

 -Bryan and Cecile Ames

How to join our support team: www.amesxa.com/partners

 All contributions are handled by the Assemblies of God US Missions.

Bryan, Jeremy, Cecile, Abigail, Jonathan Ames,

Chi Alpha Missionaries

We have had the privilege of sharing the gospel with university students from these countries!

Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, China, India, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Mongolia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Macedonia, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, USA, New Zealand. Thanks for partnering with us to reach these lives!
—Bryan and Cecile Ames, Chi Alpha Missionaries

© Copyright Bryan & Cecile Ames